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Orbeez - Grown Orbeez Bundle Includes Orange Orbeez, Clear Orbeez, Blue Orbeez, Purple Orbeez

  • With a slight hand, magically create one-of-a-kind masterpiece! Pre-grown Orbeez for your new art project!
  • Pick from 5 beautiful colors. Orbeez are wet and wacky, soft and squishy, fun and funky, bouncy and beautiful!
  • With a slight hand, magically create one-of-a-kind masterpieces Over 400 Hydrated Orbeez Recommended for ages 5+

Wet and Wacky, Soft and Squishy! Fun and Funky, Bouncy and Beautiful They start off hard and tiny. Add water and watch them grow to more than 100 times their volume. Each color pack contains 1,000 Orbeez in 3 colors. You'll find tons of games and display ideas in the enclosed Activity Booklet. And you can use the Play 'n Display Tray to play games like Four in a Row and make designs. View Details

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