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Engino Discovering STEM Fluid Dynamics | 5 Working Models | Illustrated Instruction Manual | Theory & Facts | Experimental Activities | STEM Construction Kit

  • FLUID DYNAMICS are fundamental physics principles - Gases and fluids operate with the same principles
  • BUILD 6 models illustrating theoretical fluid dynamics concepts
  • LEARNING MANUAL developed by working teachers and academics in the field. Includes Theory, History, Quizes and Builds
  • EXTRACTION TOOL included for easy disassembly and separation of parts
  • THEORY information and review quiz along with 5 pages of experimental activities included in learning manual
  • MADE in CYPRUS - AGE 8+

One of the most important areas of physics is the study of fluids and their fundamental principles. Build and learn about a submarine, siphon device, or a hydrostatic tower and many more to understand buoyancy and hydraulics. Truly a STEM kit! Fluid Dynamics Building Kit. Engino's award winning construction system enables children to build fast and easy, simple or complex models, using a smaller number of different components with fewer parts. The Discovering STEM series was developed by teachers and academics following the latest pedagogical trends in order to combine theory with practice. Engino is Engineered, Designed and manufactured in Cyprus. For ages 8+. View Details

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