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MiPremium Water Beads for Ocean Explorers' Tactile Sensory Experience, Toddler Safe Reusable & Non-Toxic Jelly Balls for Kids - 4 Colors Gel Beads Ocean Exploration - Kit for Sensory Play (Ocean)

  • ► OCEAN EXPLORER'S KIT THAT BOOSTS CHILD'S DEVELOPMENTAL LEARNING WITH EXTENSIVE APPLICATION - Our ocean color jelly beads will aid your child's developmental learning by helping them with counting, language development, color recognition, wild imagination training & fine motor skills. They are specially designed to encourage sensory exploration by creating a soothing tactile experience. Parents, teachers & therapists love these table toys for home, school, clinical & therapeutic use.
  • ► 100% NON-TOXIC, CLINICALLY TESTED THERAPY TOY SAFE FOR KIDS & TODDLERS - A great sensory fun toy for all kids and children with special needs, autistic, or those with sensory processing disorder. MiPremium squishy beads are clinically tested to provide the sensory input that special needs kids desire. These squishy jelly balls are 100% nontoxic, non-fade, non-flammable material that is 100% safe for toddlers & kids over the age of 3 years. A great gift for ocean explorers.
  • ► NOT EASY TO BREAK, WIDE RANGE OF USE & EASY TO PREPARE - They turn into crystal clear & cool tactility after absorbing water. You can use these water obsorbing beads for: home decoration, wedding centrepieces, anniversaries, baby showers, table toys, plant watering and decoration, tactile toys, vase filler, foot spa, pool game, shooting game, preschool kids activities. Also used as Stress balls, Sensory bins & Water Tables.
  • ★★★100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE★★★ We are confident that you and your kids or students will LOVE these water beads. But if you're not positively thrilled, let us know and receive a fast, no hassle refund.
  • ► ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, REUSABLE, HIGHLY ELASTIC & NOT EASY TO BREAK - Our water beads are specially designed with high elasticity & softness, they are thoroughly tested in the lab to ensure they will not break or burst like other brands. Made of absorbent polymer sodium polyacrylate, these are hard tiny marbles, soak them in distilled water overnight & they will magically grow into soft jelly balls many times their original size. They are elastic wet and slippery balls that stimulates you

**Tons of Joy and Fun Playing or Decorating with MiPremium Non-Toxic Water Beads!**** **_Whether you are looking for engaging & educational activities for your child or student, or you want to use water beads for therapy or decoration, MiPremium water beads are the best choice of beads for you. They are colourful, bright and nicely colorfast.** _ **► OUR WATER BEADS:** They are slippery, squishy, enticing and a surprisingly fun and addictive sensory experience for kids of all ages. Our water beads are specially designed as an educational toy and commonly used at homes and schools to develop creative thinking, interpretative skills and artistic skills in children. **► MAKES LEARNING FUN:** Our water beads are clinically tested sensory table toys which is commonly used as a developmental aid by parents, teachers and therapists. A bowl or jar filled with MiPremium water beads will offer you several fun yet educational activities. Use them for color recognition and developing counting, language and fine motor skills at home, school or in a clinical setting. Use on a light table and add scoops, toys, or shaving cream for extra creativity. **► REUSABLE & 100% SAFE FOR YOUR CHILDREN:** These environmentally friendly pearls are made of absorbent non-toxic polymer sodium polyacrylate and as the beads absorb water, they will grow bigger and become squishy jelly balls. While our water beads are soft and smooth, they have the toughness that won't easily break or burst. There's no sliminess, stickiness or unpleasant odor, either. They're suitable for kids ages 3 and above and can be dehydrated to shrink back to their original size. Just add water again to watch them hydrate, grow and expand! **► DECORATING WITH WATER BEADS:** They can be used as a decoration for birthdays, baby or bridal showers, graduations, anniversaries, weddings, etc. also can be put in the water plant to retain hydrated. View Details

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