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WikkiStix Case Pack of 250 Assorted Mini Play Packs

  • Cleaner than crayons with far more play value, Wikki Stix are the #1 tabletop toy for quiet entertainment
  • They are also easy to peel up and reposition so "mistakes" virtually disappear
  • Simply stated they stick! No glue, no paste, no mess. Just press them down on the activity sheet with light fingertip pressure and they will stick
  • They are soft and pliable to use, and they stick to each other for 3-D creativity and fun. Twist, bend, stick, create!
  • Press 'em down, peel 'em off it's that simple... Recommended for ages 3 and up

Each packet itself is a small poly bag with eight Wikki Stix in assorted colors and a two-sided activity sheet. The front has ideas and illustrations, plus a QR code for added fun. The back side has a connect-the-dot to be completed by pressing the Wikki Stix onto the paper. The unit is completely self-contained and easy to hand out. Officially known as Mini Play Paks. We totally understand the challenge you have with restless (sometimes destructive) kids. To keep those kids quietly and happily entertained, you won't find anything with more play value than Wikki Stix! And because they are so much cleaner than crayons, people love them. Not to mention, the kids ask to come back again and again for more!. View Details

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