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Cash n Guns: Team Spirit

  • An expansion for the social bluffing game cash 'N guns
  • Features rules for team play for six to nine players
  • Introduces the new mercenaries deck
  • Adds seven new characters, three new guns, and a Silencer to the game
  • Fully compatible with the extant more cash 'N more guns expansion

You're no longer looting and shooting on your own with cash 'N guns: team spirit. This expansion features rules for team play and enables a ninth player to take part in the action. It also introduces a deck of duplicitous Mercenaries: twelve for-hire thugs who can give your team a temporary advantage and who bring a deeper strategic dimension to the team game. Seven new characters take seats at the table, including Boris, Natasha, martini- wielding Maria, and mama, the most awe-inspiring of all. They bring new surprises and powers along with them, as well as a Silencer and three never- before-fired guns. . View Details

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