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Grandpa Beck’s Nuts About Mutts Card Game | A Fun Family-Friendly Hand-Elimination Game | Enjoyed by Kids, Teens, and Adults | from The Creators of Cover Your Assets | Ideal for 3-8 Players Ages 5+

  • GRANDPA BECK KNOWS BEST: When it comes to family fun, no one knows better than Grandpa! Brent and Tauni Beck have enjoyed a lifetime of fun and games with their family and loved ones. Inspired by the games they played with their still growing clan of 5 married children and 14 grandkids, this grandparent duo combined their passion for family time with a love of games, and founded "Grandpa Beck's Games". Each card game harnesses childish enthusiasm and aims toward the ultimate win, FUN!
  • CLASSIC CARD GAME FEEL: Grandpa Beck's Nuts About Mutts is an innovative spin on the classic hand-elimination card games, where the first player to get rid of all their cards wins! With unique twists and fast-paced play, this game is one of a kind! Each card is illustrated with vivid colors and fun pup-inspired themes, like fire hydrants, bones, varying breeds of dogs, and more! Nuts About Mutts is everything you look for and expect in a card game. It is as timeless and classic as Grandpa Beck
  • FUN FOR ALL AGES: Whether you are 5 or 105, Nuts About Mutts will bring out the rough-and-tumble energy and canine cunning needed to become top dog! Nuts About Mutts encourages bonding, helps create lasting memories, and inspires playful competition. The ultimate objective is fun! This game plays well with anywhere from 3 to 8 players, so whether hosting a playdate or having a game night with family and friends, Grandpa Beck's fast-moving matching game will win with everyone.
  • SIMPLE TO LEARN AND PLAY: The goal of Nuts About Mutts is to be the first player to get rid of all your cards. This delightful game comes complete with everything you need to get started playing! The simple-to-follow rules are quickly and concisely explained, helping to get the party started quickly. This game perfectly blends classic gameplay with special cards such as dog houses, pedigree, fleas, and more, that enhance the excitement of each turn.
  • GUARANTEED FAMILY FUN: Getting a new game and learning how to play should be fun, not frustrating. At Grandpa Beck's Games, we strive to make sure you get the best play out of every one of our high-quality games. If you are struggling to understand the provided rule sheet, check out our "how to play" videos that are available on our website, www.grandpabecksgames.com. If you have any other concerns or suggestions, contact us and one of our family members will be happy to help you!

**Grandpa Beck's Nuts About Mutts-** A Family Game Night Favorite! Grandpa Beck's Nutts About Mutts is inspired by the classic hand-elimination games, where the first person to get rid of all their cards wins! With more engaging and inventive rules and fun dog-inspired custom cards, this game is truly a special experience. It even won a Game of the Year Award! Whether playing with family, old friends, or new friends, this game prompts laughter, friendly heated competition, relaxation, and fun. **Game Contents:** * 109 Custom Cards * Rule Pamphlet **Game Play:** A fast-paced hand-elimination game with many unique twists. The pile in the center of the table is the dogs' home! You can play a dog card if it matches the color, number, or breed of the top card. The Mutt, Flea, Fire Hydrant, Dog House, and Pedigree cards are wild cards with special consequences! First person to empty their hand wins! With both a basic rule set and advanced rules, Nuts About Mutts, can be enjoyed at almost any age! Playing time runs about 30 minutes, and is suitable for ages 5 and up. **Grandpa Beck's Games -** Grandpa Beck's Games - With 12 years of game- making under his belt, and a lifetime of game playing, Grandpa Beck knows how to have fun! Our family-owned-and-operated company focuses on creating games that are fun, easy-to-learn, and above all, bring people together. Choose from any of our game creations, including Cover Your Assets, Skull King, The Bears and The Bees, and Golf. Whether you enjoy strategy, matching, card elimination, trick-taking, and luck-type gameplay, we have something for everyone! View Details

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