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What are The Odds? Adult Party Edition - Funniest Daring Card Game, Best for Adults, Teens, 17+ Ages, Best Party Game or Event Game, and Sometimes NSFW. Players 2-20 or More! Quick and Fast Play!

  • #1 RATED Game! The game you've played on the streets comes to the quiet of your home, or party, or whatever crazy game night you are planning.
  • With "What Are The Odds? " trademarked, we hope to trademark your new experience with fun, laughter, boldness, and happiness. You will cry, you will laugh and you may be a little ashamed.
  • Survive the Odds and dares like you've never seem them. Whether it is eating a booger or doing a dance, you will get your friends and teammates to cheer you on and do it while laughing.
  • Parties and fun! Whether you are having an intimate evening or a party with friends or family, this game will definitely spice things up! It doesn't matter who, your family, teens, kids, adult parties, will get wild with this new game.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction because we care! We promise that this will make you laugh, and if you don't, we will give you free returns and stuff.

**BEST FAMILY GAME. YOU WILL LAUGH FOR HOURS** **THE CLASSIC DARE GAME** Russian Roulette meets Truth and Dare meets outrageous laughter and happiness. **WIN THE ODDS** The goal of this crazy game is to win victory cards by getting your OPPONENT to do the dare. You do this by guessing lower odds each round strategically as the ODDS of doing a dare INCREASE. **THE DARES** THE person who does the dare does not WIN the victory point, but the person who gave the dare - if you avoid the dare you become the darer with a chance to win the CARD! **INTENSITY! **** The situation gets crazy as the odds increase and the potential to being caught doing the dare becomes a reality. NO you don't want to do the dare!! **ARE YOU READY? **** Watch your friends and family squirm in their seats and sweat drop down their face as the ODDS get smaller. Are YOU ready to have a bold blast?? THIS game is for the happy people of the world who are daring and fun. YOU WILL LOVE IT. View Details

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