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Educational Board Games for Families and Kids - A Fun, Interactive Geography Card Game for The Whole Family - Learn as You Race Around The World - Continent Race from Byrons Games - 7 and Up

  • ⭐CREATED BY A KID FOR KIDS: Continent Race was created by 6 year old Byron during a long hospital stay. He combined his passion for geography with a desire to help boys and girls like him learn and have fun during their hospital stay - and beyond! For 2+ players
  • ⭐A GAME THE WHOLE FAMILY WILL LOVE: Play this fast-paced card game at home or in school, individually or in teams. It's a race around the globe to see who can collect the most countries from each continent first. Recommended for ages 7 and up
  • ⭐EASY TO LEARN: Game is color-coded and easy to understand, (There is 1 stack of orange mystery cards included, PLEASE note these are for advanced level play only). Test your knowledge, learn about the world and satisfy curious young minds with the 205 colorful country cards that are challenging for kids and adults alike
  • ⭐MAKES YOUR KIDS SMARTER: This interactive, brain engaging game helps children learn about the continents, countries, and flags of the world as they explore the world. While they're having fun they'll develop problem solving, critical thinking and communication skills too
  • ⭐PLAYING WITH PURPOSE: We're on a mission to make learning and education fun. We want to help kids unlock their potential and become their best selves. We donate a portion of Byron's Games profits to our favorite childrens charities so we can give back - one purchase at a time

******Learn and enjoy geography in a fun way** Continent Race ® is an exciting and interactive game that helps your children learn the continents, countries, and flags of the world and keeps players of all ages engaged. **Fast, fun and actually educational!** Continent Race ® is a **fast-paced board game** that will have everybody playing all night long. The exciting gameplay is fun and easy to learn. Playing cards have two levels of difficulty so everyone from your youngest to Grandma and Grandpa can enjoy. Encourage your kids to become citizens of the world with this great brain training game. You’ll be amazed **at** how much geography your children will pick up while at the same time fostering social interaction skills and self confidence. It’s also a great way for elementary school teachers to make lessons fun and inspire a love of learning that will have students wanting more! **How to play** Continent Race ® features the national flags of countries throughout the world. For 2+ players, ages 7 and up. The first player to collect the required number of country cards from each continent wins the game! **Game contents** **:** * 1 World Map * 5 Continent Lists with Maps * 205 Country Cards * 3 Antarctica Wild Cards At Byron’s Games, we are committed to revolutionizing educational entertainment and fun learning for children. Our goal is to create products and experiences that give children a chance to learn something new and explore their passions just like Byron. Join our exciting community of like-minded kids who are ready to take on the world! **Add to cart** NOW! View Details

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