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I Know Everything! - The Best Party Card Game for Adults, All Fun and Games Especially When You're Drinking, Perfect for Groups and Parties Adult Friends & Family 500 Cards + White Board Included

  • ✅ MAKE PARTIES FUN AGAIN: A brand new card game that will make you laugh, cry and contemplate who your friends truly are?
  • ✅ THE RULES ARE SIMPLE: Your friends guess your answer to the question. Whoever's closest gets the point, whoever's furthest away must do the dare.
  • ✅ FEATURING 250 DISGRACEFUL QUESTION CARDS including: "How many pieces of toilet paper do I use to wipe my ass?" And "What percentage of the time do you put the USB in correctly on the first try?"
  • ✅ AND 250 HILARIOUS DARE CARDS including: "Dance like a ballerina for 10 seconds" And "Must say 'please set me up on a blind date' after every sentence."
  • ✅ NO QUESTIONS ASKED 100% GUARANTEE: We guarantee this game will make any party memorable or your money back! Includes a white-board and a marker to write down your answer or draw phallic objects on your friends' faces.

Embark on a fantastical journey and explore the deepest darkest depths of your friend's psyche. The waters will be rough but the laughter will be endless. Unlike all the other boring card games that make you sit around, I Know Everything! is more dynamic and offers limitless fun. Laughing at the loser and complimenting the winner are the rewarding, natural human behaviors this game was made to target. This makes it a freaking pleasure to play. ◾️It consists of hilarious questions and zany dares that are sure to make you laugh until you cry. ◾️The game includes a dry-erase marker and the lid doubles as a whiteboard. ◾️Every time you play, you will discover something new about your friends and engage in conversations that you never would have had. ◾️The playing time for this game lasts about as long as a green card marriage. About 40 mins. ◾️The game is intended for players 17+ and requires 3 or more people to play. If it doesn’t make your party memorable let us know and we will give your money back. Have any questions? Ask below and we will reply in less than 24hrs. View Details

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