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Buffalo Games Urban Dictionary: The Party Game of Slang

  • Experience Urban Dictionary in real life! A game based on the popular website where people like you define millions of slang words
  • The only game where "food boner" and "double rainbow" are winning answers to "#MyFirstDate"
  • Players compete to impress the judge by playing Urban Dictionary words in response to hashtags, phrases, and pictures. Players can also act out or illustrate words to win the round
  • Includes 330 Urban Dictionary word cards, 81 prompt cards, 1 dry erase board and 1 dry erase marker
  • Adult game with explicit content for ages 18+; Recommended for 3-8 players

Fun with bad words. Take turns answering questions like "What's the reason #WhyImSingle?" with oddly (in?)appropriate UrbanDictionary.com cards. For example. #WhyImSingle: "Belly nipple: An outie belly button". First comes love, then comes. "Having a food baby: Eating so much that you look four months pregnant". Or act or draw out a word, like "Cactus legs: A woman's legs after not shaving". The box includes 330 word cards, 81 prompt cards and dry erase board & marker. For 3-8 players. View Details

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