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Final War Onslaught Starter Set

  • Final War is a collectable trading card combat game for 2 to 4 players set on Gloren, a world ravaged by the forces of light and darkness. <br>Each player controls a Warlord and 50-card Player Deck that represents their forces, which may be customized and enhanced with randomized Booster Packs. <br>A Fate Deck is used to moderate play and 12 sided dice are used to determine success or failure throughout the game. <br>Choose your champion and join the Final War!

The Final War Onslaught Limited 1st Edition Starter Set has everything you will need to play Final War! The Starter Set introduces the first three formidable Warlords: the mighty Elf, the shadowy Guildmaster and the vicious Werewolf. The game can be played by 2 or 3 players (with the option to add a 4th player if an additional Starter Set is added.) Choose a short ‘Quick Kill’ Fate Deck format for a fast and furious game session, a longer ‘Quest’ setup for additional complexity and difficulty, or the epic ‘Campaign’ play style for the ultimate challenge. Each Warlord has their own unique abilities and creatures under their command, so choose your preferred style of play and dominate your enemies! **The Starter Set includes:** * **3 Warlord Cards (Elf, Werewolf & Guildmaster)** * **3x 50 Card Player Deck for Elf, Werewolf and Guildmaster** * **54 Card Fate Deck** * **7x 12-Sided Dice** * **80 Health Tokens** * **45 Action Markers** * **85 Additional Tokens (Healing, Dark Healing, Poison, Paralyse, Were, Undead, Charges, Roaming & +PR Markers)** * **1x TCG Rule Book** * **1x Ability Guide** View Details

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