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CuberSpeed Shengshou Kilominx Black Magic cube 4x4 SS Kilominx Speed cube

  • The ShengShou Master Kilominx is the higher-order version of the Kilominx. It is essentially the megaminx version of a 4x4x4 puzzle, or 4x4 megaminx. The puzzle comes pre-stickered with the standard ShengShou shades. It is also pre-lubricated from the factory, and it turns very easily and smoothly right out of the box.
  • Like all ShengShou cubes, this comes out of the box a little greasy due to the excess of lube (very thin) lube, which a gentle rub down with a kitchen towel will take care of. I added just a pinch of Traxxas 50K to the inside, which is probably unnecessary, but is my personal preference.

It is very good quality speed cube,Happy cubing. View Details

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