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CuberSpeed ShengShou Gem 3x3 Speed cube 3x3x3 Magic cube puzzle

  • The ShengShou Gem 3x3 is a new stickerless budget 3x3 that has just hit the market. The Gem 3x3 is unique due to its 3-piece cap design and black plastic interior.
  • It also features a shiny exterior, and the performance is fairly good right out of the box. Great for beginners and intermediate cubers!
  • These super durable cubes have superior corner cutting, higher stability and optimized anti-pop technology. They're made of non-toxic and eco-friendly ABS material which makes them safe for everyone.
  • With lightning fast cornering and effortless gameplay, these puzzle cubes are such a joy to play with. THE ULTIMATE GIFT IDEA. No one falls out of love with the Cube - they're not just computer nerd gifts or for engineers any more. They're always awesome cool unique gift ideas for boys and girls, kids, teens, and adults.
  • the speed cube is with solid color, no stickers in need and never meet those stickers peeling-off annoyings, smooth and vivid colors

With professional design adjustments and molding technology, this cube has attained a smoother feeling and better performance, while being an overall outstanding cube! View Details

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