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TableTopics Do It Yourself Therapy: Questions to Start Great Conversations

  • With more than 2 million copies sold, TableTopics are the #1 best-selling conversation starters
  • Lively and playful questions designed to help friends get down to what makes them tick, twitch and laugh at themselves
  • Fun way to learn more about yourself, your friends and family
  • Ages 12 and up, 135 questions in a beautiful 4-inch acrylic cube

Ever notice how a good talk and a hearty laugh with friends can leave you with an improved outlook on life? It's not just you - research shows that conversation is one of the best coping mechanisms we have. So think of this edition as a kick-start for your support system. These lively, playful questions are designed to help you and your friends get down to what makes you tick, twitch and laugh at yourselves. Sample Questions: Which of your mother's silly instructions do you still obey? What's your nervous habit? If you could ask anyone to be on your personal board of directors, who would you choose? What's the most stressful part of your day? View Details

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