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Swagtron ST045 Pro Scooter – Freestyle Stunt Scooter for BMX or Beginner Riders – Kids or Adults – Supports up to 260 lbs

  • BUILT TO LAST-19.5x4" deck, 22" stem & brake are reinforced with aluminum & steel to handle intensive tricks & quick stops
  • TAKE FLIGHT-Lightweight for practicing midair stunts & durable to take a beating while supporting riders up to 260lbs
  • STICK ANY LANDING-Grapple onto TPE grip & brace for impact w/ heavy-duty 100mm polyurethane wheels & a polycarbonate core
  • TOP-NOTCH BEARINGS-ABEC-7 bearings & solid Naga clamp makes this custom scooter dialed & ready for stunts without head shake
  • BOOST YOUR SKILLS-The freestyle scooter is perfect for beginner and advanced riders. Learn hops, tail taps, tailwhips & more!

Looking for pro scooters to pave your way to becoming the ultimate stunt master? Look no further! Unleash your inner viper and tackle the skate park with style on SWAGTRON's ST045 Freestyle Scooter! This spectacular pro scooter is designed with a 19.5x4" deck reinforced with heavy-duty aluminum alloy to withstand almost any beating as you perfect those steezy moves or create new ones. Embellished with sturdy TPE grip over a 22" steel T-bar, take on the streets with confidence and a whole lot of grapple as you spin into that sick tailwhip. Besides its incredible durability, this light weight scooty weighs only 7.4 lbs but can accommodate riders up to 260 lbs, making this versatile kids scooter perfect as an adult scooter as well! From bunny hops to tail taps, this kick scooter can handle it all. The ST045 features solid 100mm polyurethane wheels with a polycarbonate core to combat tread separation and absorb high impacts. Its top-notch ABEC-7 bearings make riding fast and smooth, so as you're picking up speed to tackle that midair 360° combo, step on the steel brakes to slide into an epic stop, and take a bow (cue the applause). With the kids scooter, you only get the best to become the best. This childrens scooter is fortified by its special two-bolted Naga clamp that is packed with a powerful bite to keep the bars in place as you experiment with different tricks. No more worrying about unsealed looseball bearings or rattling headsets! Per ASTM F2264 standards, the ST045 Pro Scooter meets all performance, test, and labeling requirements necessary to make this stunt scooter safe, fun, and perfect for a thrilling learning experience. View Details

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