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HoneyCare 36V Sealed Lead Acid Battery Charger,36V SLA AGM Gel VRLA Battery Charger for Scooter,Electric Bike Golf Cart,ATV

  • Designed for 36V Sealed Lead Acid Battery, Including VRLA,AGM,GEL
  • With 5 LEDs to display battery fuel gauge status
  • Protection function including short-circuit,reverse polarity,over temperature and so on
  • Safety Approval: CE UL
  • Worldwide AC 100-240V Input, AC USA Type, DC Alligator clips, easy to connect to battery pole(Red Positive, black negative)

This is a 36V Sealed Lead Acid Battery Charger,SLA AGM GEL VRLA Battery Charger with Fuel Gauge,MCU Control,With Recovery Function. Input: 100-240V AC Output:41.4V 1.8A Designed For: 24V Lead acid battery(VRLA,AGM,GEL) With 5 LEDs to display the battery fuel gauge status Protection Functions: Short-circuit,Reverse Polarity ... Charging Process: Ud-Im-Uo-Up(Auto Stages) Safety Approval: CE UL Size: 170x71x41mm  Note: Please kindly ensure your battery match the charger before you start to charge it, usually each battery should have a sticker, please kindly check and confirm it is lead acid battery (VRLA,AGM,GEL),and the voltage of the battery match the charger. View Details

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