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VOKUL Pro Scooter Clamp with 4-Bolts Quad Smooth HIC (35.0MM) for Universal HIC Oversized Pro Scooter Bar Such META X1 and LITE T1 Pro Scooter

  • ✔The pro scooter Clamp made of 6061 aluminum with CNC machined,The inner diameter of the scooter clamp is 35mm that recommended for Oversized pro scooter bars.
  • ✔High-quality 4-bolt pro scooter clamp equiped with heavy Duty 4pcs M8 Size Bolts,that's makes sure the scooter fork and bar don't move when riding and ensure safety.
  • ✔70mm length available in a wide range to suit your personal style and Works with almost all HIC compression systems with oversized pro scooters bar.
  • ✔Now Vokul Pro Scooter META X1 and LITE T1 perfect suitable for the scooter clamp,but the clamp fit all universal Oversized pro scooter with HIC system.
  • ✔Clear know your scooter bars size and compression system style when purchasing the scooter clamp to make sure you get correct one.If still have doubt pls ask questions for vokul.

**PRO CLAMP INSTRUCTIONS** Vokul Pro Scooter Clamp come with three color (Oil Slik,Black,Silver Chromin),CNC and Quad designs to match your taste and style. Besides of the pro scooter clamps practical use, it's also a great part to replace for giving your scooter a personal and visual touch. **SPECIFICATIONS:** ✔Clamp outter diameter:41.2mm ✔Clamp inner diameter:35mm (Oversize) ✔Clamp Lenght: 70mm ✔Clamp Bolts: Quad( 4pcs Bolts) ✔Bolts Size: Heavy duty M8 ✔Weight:0.36lbs/164g (With Bolts) ✔Compression system included: HIC ✔Available Color: Oil Slik,Black,Silver Chroming **BASIC INFORMATION FOR SCOOTER CLAMP** 1)Standard clamps - have an inner diameter of 32mm and fit standard bars. 2)Oversized clamps - have an inner diameter of 35mm and fit oversized bars.(Now vokul selling) **Note: Some scooter clamps are compatible with both standard and oversized bars due to an inner shim.** **Pro scooter clamp is used to connect the fork of your scooter with the scooter bar. It is also a necessary part to complete your pro scooter setup. When the scooter clamp is tightened, it makes sure that the fork and bar do not move when you are riding your scooter,that's definitly can gurantee your safety when do some cools scooter tricks.** View Details

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