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In the Breeze Silver Sparkle Tails

  • In The Breeze item #3125 - 60-inch Silver Mylar Sparkle Tail Set is a kite accessory and is also used for bird repel. The Reflective Mylar flashes in the sun and the lightweight fabric flutters easily.
  • Kite tails are 0.75 inches wide by 60 inches high.
  • This is a single set of 6 silver sparkle Mylar tails. They come sewn together with a D ring and snap swivel. This makes attaching them easy.
  • Tail sets can be used as reflective Mylar ribbon, colorful streamers, or to see wind direction.
  • Kite flyers love the sound fluttering Mylar makes...nuisance birds don't.

**In the Breeze has been manufacturing outdoor fabric decorative products, kinetic spinners and kites for 30 years.** We are an award winning leader in manufacturing offering our customers innovative designs and products. All of our products use the latest techniques. Our product development team pays attention to every detail including the best fabric compositions, color trends, printing techniques, sewing and embroidery applications. In addition we are using innovative connectors, fiberglass, string, swivels, adherents and findings. **In The Breeze Kites are extremely easy to assemble and fly.** They have been flight tested in varied conditions. A reusable kite bag, kite line and winder are included. This kite will provide hours of enjoyment and lasting memories for kids, children, young minded adults and active seniors. **Kite flying encourages outdoor play.** Get out of the house and go fly a kite. It will combat stress, relieve boredom, get you to exercise, breath in fresh air and have fun. In the Breeze believes that color processing and motion stimuli are essential to both adults and especially children who have developing brains. View Details

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