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MerryMakers Otis the Tractor Plush Toy, 7-Inch

  • Otis the Tractor plush doll
  • Based on the 'Otis the Tractor' series by Loren Long
  • Safe for all ages, perfect for ages 2 to 6
  • Measures 7 inches tall

Meet Otis, a friendly little tractor who loves to work on the farm. His best friend is a baby calf who loves hearing the tractor's soft putt puffs when they sleep in the barn. The Otis the Tractor doll is soft and cuddly and makes the perfect gift for a young child who can't stand to be away from tractors and trucks even when it's time for bed. The "Otis" series is a lovely and nostalgic reflection on the power of perseverance and friendship by Loren Long. Published by Philomel Books. Safe for all ages, perfect for ages 2 to 6. Surface wash only. Measures 7 inches tall. View Details

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