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A big part of being a parent is figuring out what’s making your baby fussy, what’s causing him or her to cry. Sometimes, they simply want to be held and rocked. This can be tough especially if you’re exhausted or need to pump right after a feeding. There are lots of baby swings available on the market but if you’re looking specifically for Mamaroo Reviews by 4moms, then here’s a personal review I can give you.

My Mamaroo Review


Since I personally own a Mamaroo, I can share with you my personal opinion on the product. There are some things I like about the product and some things I don’t. Here are the things I like about it.

Easy to assemble

When the box first arrived, I was surprised to see how small it was. I imagined this baby swing or bouncer or swayer being big enough where no way could it fit in this box. Once I opened the box up though, I realized they packed everything in quite efficiently, taking up little room.

I still had to read the instructions but putting the whole thing together only took a few minutes. There’s basically just 3 metal looking pieces, the base, the cloth where the baby lies in, and the hanging toy piece. The thick metal piece goes through the insert in the base. It can be slid back and forth to adjust the angle of the seat.

The 2 other metal pieces have a zipper on them and connect to the sides of the first metal piece. The cloth has zipper teeth as will which you use to attach to the 2 metal pieces.

The instructions come with pictures so you shouldn’t have any problems putting the Mamaroo together.

Doesn’t take up too much space

Measuring the base, if you’re facing the swing from the front, from left to right, it measures almost 21 inches. The base, from front to back, measures 25 inches.

The height various since you can have the swing more flat or more upright. At the most flat setting, it’s 23 inches high. At the most upright setting, it’s about 29 inches high. This is if you don’t include the hanging toy piece which alone is about 8 inches high.

There are definitely bigger swings on the market but also swings that are smaller than this as well. I have a self rocking bassinet which is about 1.5 times bigger than the Mamaroo so it might just look smaller to me by comparison. But you could use the dimensions above to see if you have adequate space.

Has a good variety of settings

The main feature of the Mamaroo is the different types of motions it can produce. The base is basically a motor that goes left and right as well as up and down. From those 4 motions, the Mamaroo can produce 5 different motions: Car Ride, Kangaroo, Tree Swing, Rock-A-Bye, and Wave.

The base has a display that shows these options. Each option has a picture of arrows indicating what sort of motion each option has. You also have 5 different speed options.

It’ll take some experimenting but your baby will likely prefer one motion to the others and one speed to the others so you’ll have to play with the different motions and speeds to see which one comforts our baby most. However, many babies like variety and you may have to change the motions every now and then.

Bluetooth Capability

Having to bend down to change the settings if your baby likes variety can be a hassle so Mamaroo has the booth connection option where you can download their free app and control the settings with your phone. It also controls the sound and you can even play music from your phone as well.

Adjustable seat

As mentioned earlier, you can change the angle of the cloth seat. This is good because after a feeding, you want your baby to be more upright so they don’t spit up milk. When they’re sleepy, you can make it more flat so they’re more comfortable.

There’s a latch at the back where you simply lift up to move the metal piece that connects to the base back and forth to adjust the angle. Once you’re done, press the latch back down to lock the position.

Easy Cleaning

The cloth piece where the baby lies in can be easily removed and washed. Just unzip it, throw it in the washing machine using cold water and dry it on low or hang dry it (my preference).

Seat Belt

Safety comes first when it comes to baby products and this one comes with a pad that goes between the baby’s legs and attaches to 2 buckles. this prevents the baby from sliding down and keeping the baby in place.


Here are some of the things I didn’t like about the Mamaroo baby swing. It’s just my personal opinion so you may or may not disagree.

No Infant Insert

Many people who buy the Mamaroo also buy the Mamaroo infant insert as well. This is mainly for babies who aren’t able to control their necks yet. The insert prevents their neck from falling over to the sides. It also helps better secure them to the swing. Bigger babies won’t need the insert but I feel that it should just come with it anyway.

Fortunately, I already had an insert and was able to use it on the Mamaroo just fine. You can buy any infant insert and it should fit the Mamaroo just fine so you can avoid buying their brand and spending more money.

Sound Machine

As with many baby products, the Mamaroo comes with a white noise machine with a variety of sounds. This one comes with Rain, Fan, Ocean, and Heart. The problem is the sounds mainly sound like static. Maybe it was meant to be that way, I’m not sure, but on the other swing that I have, the sounds are more clearer.

The good thing though is there’s an AUX cable that you can connect to your phone or MP3 player and play music or sounds that way instead. The aux cable is maybe 6 inches long and connects near the display at the base.

The speakers aren’t that great but your baby probably doesn’t care much about bass or clarity. You can play music from your phone connected through bluetooth as well.

You’ll notice that the volume doesn’t get very loud but that’s a good thing. There are baby products out there that have volumes that can get way too loud for babies. Anything over 80 decibels might cause harm to your baby’s ears, affecting development. So in case you use your phone to play white noise, make sure it’s not on too loud.

Flimsy Hanging Toy Arm

This isn’t really too much of a con but I feel that the hanging piece where the colorful plush balls go in for the baby to look at is a bit flimsy. It’s built so you can easily move it to the side but even when it’s centered, it doesn’t feel all that sturdy. It won’t fall on your baby or anything but it would’ve been better to side on sturdiness rather than convenience.

Things to Consider

Here are some things to consider when buying 4moms Mamaroo Baby Swing that don’t fall into the pros or cons section.

  • If you have an infant, get an infant insert to protect and secure the baby.
  • The product is recommended for babies up to 25 pounds or 6 months old. Also, if your baby can climb out of it, don’t use it regardless of age or weight.
  • It comes in 3 different colors. Generally, the multi-color one like in the picture above cost a little bit more than the solid color ones. If you don’t care about color, especially if you’re going to put an infant insert over it anyway, just get the cheapest one.


Here’s their marketing video:

My Recommendation

So is Mamaroo worth it? Is it safe for newborns? Does it actually work?

It all depends on how your baby is. From other reviews I’ve read, some people say their baby loves it and will settle down once they’re put into the Mamaroo. Others say it only works when their baby isn’t too fussy.

In my opinion, don’t expect this to make a baby go from screaming to smiling or sleeping. In my experience, at least for my baby, it works best when the baby is already somewhat calm while being held. Since I need to pump after a feeding and can’t hold my baby at the same time, putting the baby into the Mamaroo has really helped.

However, as you may know, babies aren’t always in the same mood. Sometimes it works for me and sometimes it doesn’t. Having the Mamaroo during times when it does work definitely helps out a lot. It gives me the time to do other things while baby is either being rocked to sleep or just sitting there looking around.

Of course, this assumes that your baby’s basic needs are met. I doubt the swing will work if your baby is hungry, needs a diaper change, or needs to burp.

If you’re still unsure about buying this product, I recommend buying it from a store that allows returns. Use it for a few weeks to see if it works well with your baby. If it doesn’t, just return it. Mamaroo comes in a pretty convenient box and even has instructions on the box on how to disassemble the product for easy storage.

Another option is to buy it used on Craigslist. Since babies grow out of this by their 6th or 7th month, unless the seller used it for more than one of their kids, it should still be in good condition. You just have to make sure it works properly.

I hope my 4moms Mamaroo review helped. Let me know your experience with this product.

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