Buy Pie Face Game by Hasbro

This pie face game created by Hasbro is loads of fun. The game itself is really simple. Each player take turns spinning the wheel which will give you a number, from 2 to 5. The number lets you know how many times you have to spin the handle. The more times you spin the handle, the higher the chance you’ll get whipped cream in your face. Whoever gets to 25 points first wins. It’s sort of like Russian Roulette.

Even though most people use whipped cream or some type of cream, you can use whatever you want such as something foul smelling to increase the tension.

Where to Buy

You can find the pie face game for sale in the USA here: Pie Face Board Game

This game comes with a spinner, a throwing arm where you put the cream on which you have to buy yourself, handles, chin rest, and a splash guard.

Here’s a video of a dad and son playing this pie to the face game.

You can play as everyone for themselves or you can team up to make getting to 25 points faster. With any board game you play at home, you can always make up your own rules such as once someone gets to 25 points and wins, everyone has to put whipped cream on their face, for example.

The excitement of this Pie Face game comes from the fact that no one knows just when the arm will be activated. Because of this, the anticipation, suspense, and fear of getting cream in your face makes this an excellent family game. The kids will love it, I mean, which kid wouldn’t love to see their mom or dad get splashed with cream?

It’s a very simple game but can give your kids a lot of laughter and good times. The game was released earlier this year and was constantly out of stock but you should be able to buy it now without having to get on a waiting list.

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