Where to Buy Exploding Kittens Card Game

If you want to buy Exploding Kittens card game, you can get it here:

Original Version   |   NSFW Version

Just a bit of background information on this game. The creators of this game are from the highly popular site The Oatmeal so they have quite a big following already. So when then announced a Kickstarter campaign to fund the making of this card game, it wasn’t too big of a surprise that it was a success. However, few people would’ve guessed it would end up being the 3rd highest funded campaign in Kickstarter’s history. They were originally aiming for $10,000 and ended up raising over $8.7 million in less than a month! In terms of speed, it’s the most successful.

The idea of the game is simple: Avoid exploding.

If you pick a card with an exploding kitten, you lose. There are ways to get around being kicked out of the game such as drawing a defuse card which you can use to cancel out the exploding kittens card. There are a handful of other cards which you can use to help decrease your chances of losing and even increase the chances of your opponents losing such as skipping a turn or attacking another player, making them draw 2 cards, etc.

Every player begins with a defuse card so that way, no one gets knocked out of the game the very first time they draw a card. If you draw an exploding kittens card and use the diffuse card to stay in the game, you can now reinsert the exploding kittens card back anywhere in the deck you want.

Currently, there are two versions of the game. There’s the original version and the NSFW version (Not Safe For Work), basically, the adult version. It just has adult themed pictures on the cards but nothing too lewd.

People who backed the campaign began getting their shipment of the game in July 2015. The ones who contributed less money got their in August and September. It’s currently for sale to the public so if you buy the game, you’ll be getting it at the usual delivery speeds of 3-5 business days or whichever shipping option you choose.

Here’s a video of the game being played by the stars of the super popular Youtube channel, Smosh, who were given the very first Exploding Kittens card game ever created:

They threw in some of their own rules but the basic concept is the same.

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