The Best Electric Toy Cars for Kids

If you’re looking for some of the best electric toy cars for kids, whether for a boy or a girl, then what you’ll find below are a few of the best rated and best selling ones. Most of the top ones are from Power Wheels by Fisher Price.

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Tough Talking Jeep Wrangler

This is 12 volt battery charged Jeep and is one of the best kids electric cars ca you can get. It comes with a radio and microphone. The radio plays electronic tunes and sound effects and the volume is adjustable. The back/trunk has space to hold a few items. You will have the option of either using the 2.5 mph top speed or 5 mph top speed. To get to the higher speed, you just need to remove the safety screw.

The traction on this vehicle is good on most surfaces. If your child drives this on uncut grass, he/she needs to weigh enough to put weight on the vehicle to provide more traction and prevent the wheels from spinning out. It’s roomy, has a reverse gear, and should be able to fit most 3-5 year olds and older depending on your child’s size but it can hold up to 130 pounds total. It comes with seat belts but they’re just velcro and probably won’t do much good if the car were to flip over.

It does take some time to assemble though so expect to spend about an hour or two putting it together if you’ve never put anything like this together before.

One great thing about this electric car is the battery life. At 12 volts, the Jeep will have enough power for your kids to have fun and at the same time, it lasts long enough to tired them out. They can ride it for hours at a time before needing to recharge. How frequently you need to recharge will depend on how often your kids play with it and things like going uphill will obviously drain the power more. Compared to most other kids motorized cars, this model’s battery is one of the best. Both the batter and charger is included.

Overall, this is a solid buy.

Barbie Kawasaki ATV with Monster Traction

This is a 12 volt powered Barbie ATV. It has 2 forward speeds (2.5 mph and 5 mph) and one reverse speed (2.5 mph). The faster speed setting can be disconnected so it can max out at 2.5 mph going forward if you don’t want your little ones to be going too fast. When the speed is set at 5 mph the vehicle moves by using both the foot pedal and the twist throttle together. When it’s set at the 2.5 mph speed, only the foot pedal is needed.

The faster speed option is great because the last thing you want is to buy one of these toy cars only to have it be too weak as most of the cheaper ones are. You might save money on the cheaper, weaker ones but your kids will likely not use them as much.

It comes with a rechargeable 12-volt battery, charger, two assembly wrenches, and an owner’s manual. You’ll want to follow the instructions for charging the battery to ensure it lasts as long as possible. Doing quick charges will kill the battery life a lot faster. As with most rechargeable batteries, make sure you give it enough time to charge but also to not overcharge it either. Usually, charging at least 24 hours the first time is recommended.

This quad is best for ages 3 to 7 but of course, it depends on your child. Some have kids who are over 7 and can still ride it, just depends on their size.

This one is also very highly rated. As the picture indicates, it’s for one person.

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX

This quad is the same as the Barbie one above but comes in green. The specs are the same. This model also comes in red as well as one with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle decals. The prices vary with each theme/color.

Power Wheels Lil Squad

This is a 6 volt quad designed especially for toddlers. It has an easy push-button operation to go and stop. The quad is low off the ground making it easy for your toddler to get on and off. It comes with the battery and charger.

This quad comes mostly assembled. There are a few parts to attach as well as putting on the decals but shouldn’t take you very long at all. It has enough traction to work on various surfaces like hardwood floors, dirt, and even grass if it’s not damp.

The age recommendation is 1-3 years old but it really depends on the size of your toddler. Some 2 year olds can be too big for this. Since this if for younger kids, the turning ability of this vehicle is limited which means they will need a wide space to make a U turn but it also means they won’t do sharp turns and fall over. It also doesn’t go in reverse.

At 6 volts, the speed and power is a bit slow and weak but at this age, you probably don’t want them to go fast anyway. If you’re concerned they might grow bored of it after a year or so, it might be better to get a 12 volt one. There are ways to install 12 volt batteries to these 6 volt Hot Wheels though which you can probably find videos on Youtube showing you how to do that.

Dora Lil Quad

This is the same as the Lil Quad above but with the Dora the Explorer theme. It can go up to 2mph on hard surfaces and also comes with a 6 volt rechargeable battery and charger.

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Ford Mustang

This is a 12 volt powered Ford Mustang toy car with speeds up to 5 mph and a 2.5 mph max option. Because of the 12 volt, this car can drive well on grass unlike many of the 6 volt ones. There will be some assembly required so expect to spend about an hour or so putting this together. The headlights are just stickers and don’t actually light up. There isn’t a functioning horn and the car doors don’t open. It has a max weight of 130 lbs.

Putting those things aside, this is a great car for your kids to play with. Unlike the weaker models that keep getting stuck on various surfaces, this car is strong enough to overcome those obstacles. If your child weighs more than 30 lbs, invest in a 12 volt one. It’s more expensive but they’ll have more fun and will be using it for more years as well.

The design of the car is cute and will fit two kids. The age recommendation for this is 3 to 5 years old.

The above battery operated cars for kids are a few of the best ones available. If you want a full list of the top rated and the best selling electric cars for kids then check out the links below.

Top Rated Toy Cars

Best Selling Toy Cars

From experience, it’s recommended that you choose the 12 volt cars. They’re more expensive, yes, but they’re also less frustrating. Having a weak car can really dampen the potentially awesome time your kids can have. It’s better to spend a bit more and see your kids still using it after a couple of years then to get a weak one and see them abandon it after a few months.

If it’s safety you’re concerned about, remember that most 12 volt ones have a slower speed option. You also have the option of getting them a helmet as well. For the value of what you get, the ones on this page are some of the best.

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