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If you and your kids fell in love with the movie Inside Out then you’ll definitely want to collect the various Inside Out toys. From plush toys and dolls to figures to video games, there are a bunch of different options to choose from.

Inside Out is a movie about a girl named Riley who had to move with her mom and dad from Minneapolis, Minnesota to San Francisco, California due to her dad getting a new job there. In the movie, the characters we see the most are her 5 emotions: Joy, Anger, Disgust, Fear, and Sadness.

You can buy Inside Out plush toys and other merchandise at stores like Target, Walmart, and Disney Store or online at sites like Amazon. These toys are made primarily by the Japanese toys store, Tomy.

Each of these toys come in a variety of different sizes and each also has a talking version as well as a PVC figure version.

Where to Buy Inside Out Toys

Inside Out – Joy Doll

Joy is the strongest emotion in Riley and does what she can to make Riley happy. She’s the upbeat leader of the group which shows through Riley’s personality. In the movie, she and Sadness are sucked out of headquarters along with the core memories and have to find their way back before it’s too late.

Inside Out – Sadness Doll

Sadness is seen as the emotion that isn’t needed, at least in the first part of the movie. Every time she touches a memory, it turns blue, making Riley sad. Joy and the others do what they can to prevent her from messing with Riley’s memories and emotions. However, Joy later discovers how important Sadness’s role is in Riley’s life once she saw one of the core memories of Riley’s parents and hockey teammates cheering her up and realizes that it was Riley’s sadness that got people to help her.

Inside Out – Disgust Doll

Disgust has the job of keeping Riley from being poisoned both physically and emotionally. She’s very honest and opinionated. From getting Riley to avoid eating broccoli to making sure she doesn’t end up as the worst dressed student at school, she’s an integral part of Riley’s emotions.

Inside Out – Fear Plush

Fear helps Riley by avoiding dangerous situations and making her cautious. He helps keep Riley alert and although it may seem he’s limiting her, his intention is to protect her from pain.

Inside Out – Anger Plush

Anger’s job is to display Riley’s voice whether it’s when she feels unfairly treated or frustrated, Anger helps Riley be heard. Of course, Anger also causes Riley to make bad decisions like giving her the idea of running away from home to go back to Minnesota where she was happier.

Inside Out – Bing Bong Plush

Bing Bong is Riley’s imaginary friend back when she was a toddler. He’s a mix of an elephant, a dolphin, a cat, and cotton candy. Oh, and when he cries, candy comes out. In the movie, he desperately wants to be back in Riley’s life but fades away while helping Joy escape the pit of forgotten memories (Riley growing out of her imaginary friend stage). Scenes like this makes this movie more of a family movie rather than a kid’s movie.

It may seem like of the 5 emotions, there are 4 negative ones and 1 positive one but all of the emotions play an important part in helping Riley navigate through life. Besides, Joy is so upbeat that she gives Riley enough positive emotions for her to be happy most of the time.

Inside Out Tsum Tsum

Tsum tsum comes from the Japanese word “tsumu” which means “to stack”, therefore, these plushies are designed to stack on top of each other. They’ve been out since 2013 and with characters from Toy Story, Frozen, Winnie the Pooh and many more, Inside Out is the newest edition.

Disney Infinity 3.0

Inside Out Video Game

Infinity is an action/adventure video game where players get to create their own world and play as various characters such as the Inside Out characters, Avengers, The Incredibles, Monsters University, Cars, Star Wars, and so on.

Infinity Inside Out Playset


Version 3.0 is when the characters of Inside Out is introduced. In the game, Riley is babysitting when she inadvertently catches a glimpse of a scary movie as she is falling asleep. It’s up to her emotions to work together to subdue the chaos that has taken over Imagination Land as a result of Riley seeing the movie before drifting to sleep. So the game doesn’t follow the same story as the movie but instead has it’s own storyline which takes place at some point after the movie story ends.

Watch this video that describes how Infinity works:

Background on the Movie

The director of the movie, Pete Doctor (Director of Up and Monsters, Inc.), consulted with Paul Ekman who is a well-known psychologist specializing on emotions. Ekman identified 6 core emotions that we all have, the 5 that are in the movie and surprise. Doctor felt surprise was too close to fear so left it out of the movie.

Although the movie is for kids and families, the representations of how our memories and emotions work are very close to how they actually work. From regular memories to core memories which power different aspects of Riley’s personality like her love for hockey, her playfulness, her family, etc., and how important facts and figures are tossed out… the creators of this movie didn’t just make these concepts up, they consulted with psychologists who studied this sort of stuff which makes the movie a lot better knowing it’s based on reality.

So what are you thoughts on Inside Out the movie? Did you like it? Who’s your favorite character?

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