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Just to get it out of the way, for those wondering where to buy Cards Against Humanity, here is one of the best places to get it: Cards Against Humanity Game – (click here to see price)

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Background Info

For those of you who don’t know what this popular game is, it’s basically a party game for adults (language and adult themes so it’s not for kids) that was funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign. This game was actually inspired by several popular games such as Magic The Gathering and Charades. Within just a month of its release date back in 2011, Cards Against Humanity became the #1 selling game on Amazon.com within just 30 days.

The reason you can only get this game on Amazon or on the creator’s website is because the creators didn’t want retailers to cheapen their brand. It is also probably part of their marketing strategy where the harder it is to get something, the more people will want it. Plus, they probably didn’t want their games sitting next to other various board games at a retail store and it’s possible Amazon just gave them a better deal.

Cards Against Humanity Popularity

Since the release of CAH, there are currently 6 expansion packs. Each of those expansions quickly sold out when they were available for purchase. There are also a few special packs that were released, one of which gave buyers a choice of paying however much they wanted. That pack went on to make over $70,000 which was donated to charity. Another promo the creators did brought in over $100k, which was also donated to charity.

Although this satirical game has sometimes been called offensive and some of even stated, “It will ruin your life”, it’s one of the most popular games ever created. I’ve had quite a fun time playing this game with my friends. It’s definitely not a game for people who take things too seriously.

In fact, on the product page for Cards Against Humanity on Amazon, one of the descriptions says, “0% of the proceeds will be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.” This is part of the game’s humor.

The name of this game, to put it more accurately is, “Crimes Against Humanity” but since it’s a game involving cards, they used a more marketable, mysterious name instead. Speaking of marketing, the creators of the game have made the news several times due to doing things like sending customers crap as a Black Friday sale. 30,000 people knew what they were getting but bought it anyway. This is mainly due to the company’s previous marketing campaigns which fans of the game love.

What You Get

When you purchase this game, you will get 550 cards, 90 black cards and 460 white cards. The white cards serve as answer cards where the black cards serve as question cards. As mentioned earlier, to date, there are 6 expansion packs. The extension packs basically add the amount of cards to the original pack so you have more variety and options when playing the game. There was also a few very limited edition extension packs as well.

Although there are set rules for the game, many people come up with their own house rules to make the game more personal. This can often lead to some hilarious situations. Just look up people playing this game on Youtube and you’ll see what I mean.

Stores That Sell Cards Against Humanity

With all of that being said, there isn’t a store that sells this game for the reason I mentioned earlier. There are specialty stores that sell CAH but unless you already know the names of those stores, it may be hard to find.

The only place you can buy Cards Against Humanity online is either on their website or on Amazon. Any other sites selling it is probably fake. You can also print it out for free from their website but trust me, the actual cards are better and will last longer. Plus, printer ink is expensive these days.

Update: Both Target and Walmart are selling Cards Against Humanity now, at least online. I haven’t seen them at the stores I’ve been to yet.

Don’t expect to find the main game or any of the extension packs at any physical toy stores or retailers like Target or Walmart. Although, I have seen it sold on Walmart’s website but it was for nearly $50. I’m sure there are some specialty stores that will sell the game but you’d have to go looking for them and they might not even have it in stock. So your best bet is to get the CAH game online.

And in case you’ve already played this game and want to know how to erase your memory, there’s probably an app for that 🙂

Here are some short videos of people playing the game.

You can buy Cards Against Humanity expansion packs here:

Expansion 1

Expansion 2

Expansion 3

Expansion 4

Expansion 5

Expansion 6

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