Season 4 Shopkins Sneak Peek (Preview with Pictures)

As with previous seasons, season 4 Shopkins has different release dates depending on the country. Some people in the UK and other countries have already gotten their hands on the newest season. For the rest of us who are still waiting for the release date to arrive, here are some pictures I was able to find so you can have an idea what season 4 looks like.

Shopkins Season 6 has been released.

Season 5 Shopkins is here.

Season 4 has been released! Buy them here:

See all available packs of Shopkins Season 4:

Blind Basket

First up, we have a close up of a Shopkins Season 4 blind basket. If you’re a fan of Shopkins, then you already know that the blind baskets are super popular. Although there’s a chance that you might get Shopkins that you already have, nothing beats the excitement of opening a mystery basket to see what you got. This is one of the reasons why surprise toys are so popular now days.

shopkins season 4 blind basket

Here’s the picture of the whole case of blind bags. Boxes like this contain 30 blind baskets. If you’ve ever gone to the toy store to buy one of these, you’ll know there is usually a box or two full of these mystery baskets. Most people only buy a few but there are those who buy the whole case. I bought one for Season 2 and opened them all on video.

shopkins season 4 blind baskets box

This season’s blind basket is actually going to be different than the previous season, closer to crates rather than baskets as you can see below.

shopkins blind basket

Here’s another picture with the basket/crate opened up.

Unlike the previous seasons where all baskets were the same color, in this season, there are 3 different colors (white, pink, and hot pink) as seen below.

12 Pack

Next up is a picture of the Season 4 Shopkins 12 Pack. Just like the previous seasons, the 12 pack will come with 2 hidden Shopkins. So even though you know what you’ll be getting, you’ll also have the fun of opening 2 baskets without knowing what character is inside. Many people buy the 12 pack due to being able to see which Shopkins they will be getting so that they make sure they don’t get any duplicates. Another reason is price. Looking at the amount you spend per Shopkin, the 12 pack is cheaper than the blind baskets.

For this season, as you can see in the picture below, the 12 pack comes with a mini carrying case which stores the 2 mystery Shopkins which I think is a nice addition. In the previous seasons, the 2 mystery characters came in yellow plastic bags placed in a plastic shopping basket. The previous season also came with purple shopping bags but from the picture, Season 4 doesn’t have those. It could be because kids don’t really use them.

Here’s a close up of some Shopkins and the mini carrying case.

Yes, that’s a toilet (Flushes) which will go well with the toilet paper (Leafy) from Season 2. 🙂

5 Pack

Here’s a picture of the Shopkins Season 4 5 pack. With the 5 pack, you will be able to see 4 of the Shopkins you’ll be getting and 1 will be hidden. As you can see in the picture below, it comes with a different looking basket, sort of like a pet handbag.

shopkins season 4 5 pack

Here’s a closer look of the “basket”.

Mega Pack

Here’s a picture of the Mega Pack or the 20 pack. It comes with 20 Shopkins, 6 bags and a purple basket.

Glitzi Collector’s Case

There’s also this storage box that comes with 8 exclusive Shopkins. This isn’t part of the usual items (Mega Pack, 12 pack, 5 pack, and Blind Baskets), it’s a special carry case called Glitzi Collector’s Case. This case comes with 8 exclusive glitzi Shopkins: Dinky Drink, Kris P. Lettuce, Mintee, Jiggly Jelly, Miss Pressy, Sharon Shoe, a blowdryer, and a fruit.

glitzi collector's case Season 4 Shopkins

Special Season 4 Packs

These haven’t been officially released yet (fans in Canada have already been able to get them) but here is a sneak peek of the new blind baskets from Moose Toys. The Food Fair is more like a can or container while the Fashion Spree one is like the usual baskets we’re all used to. Each comes with 2 Shopkins.

Food Fair Blind Cans / Blind Baskets

Food Fair Blind Can

Fashion Spree Blind Baskets

fashion spree blind basket

Hopefully that was enough to keep you excited while you wait for the official world wide release of Shopkins Season 4.

If you’re pretty envious of those who were already able to get the newest season like I am, don’t worry, we just have to wait a little bit longer. With the introduction of the new Petkins line as well as all of the new characters that we’ll be able to collect (there are over 140 new Shopkins this coming season), the wait will be worth it. Besides, isn’t waiting part of the fun? 🙂

Here are the Petkins names:

Jilly Jam
Tracey Tomato
Shy Pie/Cherry Pie
Milk Bud
Tubby Butter
Hot Choc
Big Topping
Mabel Syrup
Ice Cream Cup
Bobby Sock
Jingle Purse
Earring Twins
Comfy Cushion
Rita Remote
Burt House
Jade Spade
Waggy Tag
Fish Flake Jake
Dinky Drink
Flicker Candle
Whistle Wilma

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