Shopkins Toys and Merchandise List

By now, you’ve probably heard of the highly popular Shopkins toys. From their humble Season 1 beginnings to their crazy Season 2 limited supplies to their totally insane Season 3 release, Season 4, Season 5, and now the upcoming Season 6 release, the Shopkins brand has taken the toy world by storm. Kids and toy collectors all over the world are desperate to own them while plenty of adults look at these mini figurines, scratch their head, and wonder what’s the big deal.

Love ’em or hate ’em, Shopkins is one of the biggest crazes at the moment. You know the demand is hot when people are willing to pay many times the retail price. A quick search on Ebay for any of the seasons you can see the bidding/buying frenzy that’s been created by this Australian company.

Aside from their main Shopkins character toys, they also sell other merchandise as well. Why stop at the figurines when you can get all of the accessories and every day items with the Shopkins logo on them?

Here is a list of the current Shopkins products:

Regular Packs

Blind Baskets | 5 Pack | 12 Pack

Shopkins Toys Playsets

shopkins toysFruit & Veg Stand
This set can connect with the Bakery Stand set. It comes with a removable container with a lid, 2 stackable flat trays, and a scale. The scale is detailed and has actual moving parts like a real scale. As for the figures, you will get 2 Shopkins, Pumpkinella and Coco Nutty, and of course two adorable shopping bags.

So Cool Fridge
The Cool Fridge includes 2 exclusive characters, mini-rides for your Shopkins characters and plenty of spots to display your collection. This set basically comes with 6 mini Shopkins eggs, 2 Shopkins, a plastic cup and 2 sticker sheets. It can hold over 30 Shopkins.

Spin Mix Bakery Stand
This playset comes with 2 exclusive Shopkins (Rolly Roll and Hot Apple Pie) each with their own a bag. You also get a bread basket swing capable of holding 2 Shopkins characters along with a mixer which you can use to spin a character around. This set attaches to the Fruit and Veg stand to create a bigger playset.

Small Mart (Supermarket Playset)
This awesome playset comes with 2 Shopkins characters, a shopping cart, 2 shopping bags and a checkout scanner. On the back, there’s an elevator basket on the back of the playset which you can place the figures into, bring it to the top and have it slide down the slide end up in the shopping basket.

Shopkins Scoops Ice Cream Truck
This cool ice cream truck comess with an umbrella stand, 2 exclusive Shopkins and 2 exclusive shopping bags. You can fit about 10-15 Shopkins in this.

Shopkins Boutique Playset
This playset comes with 4 exclusive Shopkins and 2 hand bags. This playset has a changing room with doors that open, a slide, and even an elevator depicted by the arrows in the picture.

Shopkins Fashion Spree Collection

Makeup Spot
The Makeup Spot playset comes with 2 exclusive Shopkins, 2 exclusive bags, 1 beauty bar, 1 makeover stool, and 1 compact mirror. There are plenty of spots to place the characters on.

Ballet Collection
Comes with 8 ballet themed Shopkins. There’s a piano which can be opened and fits about 4 Shopkins in there. There is also a piano bench and a stool.

Shoe Dazzle
This set comes with 2 exclusive Shopkins, 2 exclusive jelly bags and 2 shoe boxes. There are plenty of spots to display your Shopkins characters.

Cool Casual
This set comes with 8 exclusive Cool Casual themed Shopkins. It comes with a storage container, a bench, and a stool and table.

Best Dressed Collection
This collection comes with 8 exclusive themed Shopkins. It has a vanity table with a mirror (the drawer opens), a stool, and a chair.

Shopkins Food Fair Collection

Cupcake Collection
This playset comes with 8 Shopkins (Mr. Muffin, Cake Pop, Meltin Muffin, Patty Pam, Little Teapot, Hot Chocco, Pretty Cake Stand, and Swiss Roll. It also comes with a display case, tongs, and a serving tray

Cool & Creamy Collection
This set comes with 8 exclusive Shopkins: Fudgey, Moo Shake, Scoopy One, Scoopy Two, Frogurt, Popsicle, Coney, and Servietta. Also comes with 1 tray, 1 ice cream dispenser, and 1 ice cream scoop.

Fast Food Collection
This playset includes a tray, a kooky cooker, a spatula, and 8 exclusive Shopkins: Shaky, Lil Red, Apple Pie, Sadie Soda, Yummy Sundae, Cheddar, Onion Ring, and Wise Fry.

Shopkins Kinstructions *New*

These are building blocks that allows you to create a Shopkins World. The various sets can be combined into one big playset. The number of pieces range from 32 to 394 depending on the set.

Shopville Town Center (picture shown above)


Cupcake Cafe

Fashion Boutique

Checkout Lane

Fruit and Veggie Stand

Shopping Cart

Special Packs

Shopkins Mega Pack

The most common packs you’ll find are the 12 and 5 packs. This one is a special 20 pack which comes with multiple characters and shopping bags, shopping basket and a collector’s guide. If you’re going to get this, it’s probably better to just buy one. Many people have said they got the exact same one when they bought multiple packs.

Shopkins Micro Lites Blind Bags

These blind bags contain special Shopkins that light up when you squeeze them. These aren’t part of the regular collection. If you’re just looking for the normal figures, then I’d skip these but if you want something a bit different, then get these. They come in a mystery bag so you won’t know which character you’ll get until you open the bag which is part of the fun.

Shopkins Accessories

Shopkins Compatible Storage Box
This storage box isn’t made by Shopkins but it’s compatible with the toys. You can use it to store your collection of characters along with the baskets. There’s a handle at the top for you to carry around. It’s a great way to conveniently and neatly store all of your Shopkins.

Vending Machine
This vending machine comes with 2 exclusive Shopkins and has enough space to hold a bunch of the characters. Lots of people use them to store their collection. What it really is, is a tin box basically so don’t think you’re getting some sort of machine that spits out your collection or anything. Just see it as a nice looking storage box for your Shopkins.

Don’t let the size fool you, it’s about 6.6 inches by 4.4 inches and 3 inches in depth. Shopkins are quite small as you already know so judge the size of the vending machine compared to the size of the characters instead of how big it looks in the picture.

Shoppin’ Cart
This is the Shoppin’ Cart which looks similar to the one that’s in the Small Mart playsest but is much bigger. The cart in the other playset will fit 2 characters while this shopping cart will fit a lot more. It’s big enough that a standard Barbie Doll can stand in front of it and push it. The wheel work as well. Great for storage or just to add to the collection.

Mini Backpack

This backpack’s dimensions are 8.5 x 2.5 x 10.5 inches.

It’s made of good material and is easy to clean. It’s great for Shopkins fans and can be used to carry your collection around or just as a regular backpack. The shoulder straps are adjustable and there’s a handle at the top.

Backpack with Matching Lunchbox Set

The kids will love this set. As the name and picture says, you get the backpack as well as a lunchbox.

The lunchbox is made of soft material, like the backpack, not tin or aluminum. So it’s probably closer to a lunch pouch than a box. The backpack has an elastic net on the side to hold a water bottle.

Plush Toys

These plush dolls are great for fanatics. They’re super cute. There are several different ones you can collect. Just so you get an idea of how big these are, the dimensions are 3.5 x 7.5 x 10 inches. So don’t expect a giant plush toy or anything. But they’re really soft and kids absolutely love them. Also note that although it looks like they’re holding a bag, it’s really just a tag that you cut off.

Kooky Cookie Plush
Apple Blossom Plush
Strawberry Kiss Plush

Deluxe Plush Figures (Set of 3)

Although the picture shows 3 of each character, you actually only get 1 of each character so 3 plush dolls in total.

Season 1 Mini Muffin “Exclusive”

This particular one is 5 x 2 x 5 inches, so half height the size of the ones above. It’s an exclusive character from Season 1 so the price is a bit more expensive due to it’s limited availability in stores.

Shopkins Cuddle Cubes

Another plush toy, these scented cubes measure 3 inches by 3 inches by 3 inches. There are a total of 8 different ones to collect: Wishes, Melonie Pips, DLish Donut, Wobbles, Bubbles Snow Crush, Red Apple Blossom, and Lippy Lips.

Slap Bands Bracelet

These are slap bands with Shopkins characters on them. You basically just slap these on your wrist and it’ll wrap around it to create a bracelet. You’ll get characters such as Pineapple Crush, Bubbles, Mini Muffin, Kooky Cookie, Lippy Lips, and Yo-Chi Yogurt.

Shopkins Shoppies Dolls

These Shoppies are one of the latest toys to come out from Shopkins. If Shopkins are the products people buy, then Shoppies are the “people” who buy them. There are 3 different ones: Jessicake, Popette, and Bubbleisha. Each one comes with 2 exclusive Shopkins. Any fans will love these dolls and there’s only 3 to collect. They each stand about 6 inches tall. My guess is Moose Toys will see how these do and introduce new ones later in the future if they’re a hit.


Pop and Race Board Game
This is a Shopkins version of the popular game Trouble. You basically pop the dome in the middle of the board to roll the dices. The first one to bring all of their pieces “home” wins. You get 4 sets of 4 pieces so 16 in all. These don’t come with Shopkins figures and the holes that the pieces go in aren’t big enough for the collectible figures. Either way, the kids will enjoy this game.

Big Roll Bingo

This is Shopkins’ version of Bingo. Instead of balls with numbers and letters, this version uses dice that show the letter and the picture of Shopkins figures. The same rules of winning in Bingo apply. The game comes with 6 Bingo cards, 2 big dice and 60 tokens.

Supermarket Scramble Board Game
Using a spinner to determine how many spaces to use, the object of the game is to collect an item from each area of the supermarket and head to the finish line. Unlike the other games, this board game actually comes with 4 Shopkins, 2 are exclusive to this game. You’ll see 3 on the front of the box. The 4th one is a mystery.


Crayola Color Wonder Puzzle

This puzzle comes with 24 pieces and 4 Color Wonder Makers which you can use to color the puzzle. These Wonder markers are special markers that only appear on the special color Wonder puzzle pieces. It won’t appear on skin or clothes or the floor so you don’t have to worry about your kids making a mess. The dimensions of this puzzle is 11″ by 15″.

Shopkins 100pc Puzzle Lunchbox

This is a 100 piece jigsaw puzzle which when put together, measures 12.5 inches by 15 inches. The pieces come in a portable tin box. As you can see, the outside of the box has a variety of Shopkins characters printed on it. There are multiple puzzles so if you buy more than one, you’re likely to get different ones.

Shopkins Clothes

Browse different Shopkins clothing items

Shopkins Comforters – Bedding

The one pictured above is just one of the many different options of comforters. Browse all comforters and bed sheets.


Shopkins Beados

This Shopkins designer allows you to create bead styled Shopkins, basically, Shopkins made of beads. There are several different themed packages which include Quick Dry Design, Fashion Cuties, Tastee Bakery, Fast Food Diner, Sunshine Suncatcher, Wonderland Castle, Friendship Jewelry, and a few others ones all which can be found at the link above.

Shopkins Umbrella
This umbrella is 27 inches in diameter and 21 inches tall and is made of nylon. For ages 4-8. Might be a bit small for kids over that age range.

Shopkins Wall Decal
These are Shopkins wall decals which are a cool way to decorate any kids’ room or playroom. The are an easy decorating alternative for Shopkins fans. They’re easy to remove and change spots. Just peel them off and stick them on any smooth surface without damaging the surface.

If you search around, you’ll find a bunch of other toys and merchandise with the Shopkins name on it but not all of them are from the actual company.

With Season 3 Shopkins now out, there will sure be more Shopkins toys that will be released. I’ll add them to this page once I find out what they are.

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