What is the Rarest Shopkins Ever?

Every season of Shopkins has rare and ultra rare Shopkins. This means there is a limited amount of those characters and only so many people can get their hands on them. It’s similar to a lot of other collectible items where the producer only makes a number of a certain item which typically means the value of those rare items is higher than the ones that are plentiful in quantity.

So what is the rarest Shopkins ever created? Well before I reveal the answer, here are some of the Ultra Rare Shopkins. These are from all the seasons that are out at the moment. If you’ve been collecting for a while, you probably have at least one of those. Lots of people trade them online or even buy them from sites like Ebay.

Now for the rarest Shopkins of them all…

…. drum roll…..


Only 1 was ever made and as of the time of this writing, it’s up on Ebay for auction with the current bid at $21,000!!! Update: It sold for $21,500.

All of the proceeds will go to charity, the Toy Industry Foundation. This auction was created by Moose Toys, the creator of Shopkins. Here’s the picture for the auction.

Here’s Gemma Stone up close.

It’s not an actual stone or gem so don’t think people are paying for a piece of diamond or anything. It’s actually made of glass. The price is high mainly because it’s for a good cause but also because it’s a one of a kind Shopkins character that no one else will have.

It was created in February and was featured on various popular Youtube toy channels which is how many fans got to learn about Gemma Stone. I think it looks awesome and can’t help but wonder how high the auction will go. I’m also wondering if they will create more one of a kind characters in the future.

Here’s a short video of Gemma Stone, the rarest Shopkins in the world, being on display.

For now, we’re all waiting for release of Season 6 which some people in various countries have already gotten their hands on. I’m looking forward to seeing what else Shopkins has in store for their fans.

What do you think of Gemma Stone?

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