Where to Buy Shopkins Season 3

Although Shopkins Season 3 isn’t set to release for another week, June 1st, 2015 (initial release), some Shopkins fans have already been able to get their hands on them. So where can you buy season 3 Shopkins when it’s not even out yet?

Shopkins Season 5 for sale

I found Season 3 for sale on Amazon:

Item NameIn Stock Status
Season 3 Shopkins 12 PackClick to Check Availability
Season 3 Shopkins 5 PackClick to Check Availability
Season 3 Shopkins Blind BasketsClick to Check Availability
Season 3 Mega PackClick to Check Availability
Shopkins Ice Cream TruckClick to Check Availability

The prices right now are a bit more expensive since the supply is so low. If you want to be one of the first to get them for your kids, get them, but if can wait until August 1st, 2015 (date of wide release to all big retailers) you’ll save money once there is a much bigger supply. It should be easier to find some, maybe. Until then, you’ll just have to either buy from Amazon or keep checking Toys R Us and hope you grab some before they’re sold out again.

August 19th Update: Walmart is now selling Season 3.

If I can get some, I’ll definitely post up a video and give away any duplicates I get so be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel for the announcement and a chance to win. I haven’t seen any of the blind baskets on sale anywhere yet but I will let everyone know on this page once I find them. Found them.

If you want to buy other Shopkins related stuff, here is a List of Shopkins toys which contains everything from playsets to vending machines to plush toys to backpacks and more: Shopkins Merchandise

Note: If you happen to also be looking for Season 2, the here’s the 12 pack.

Also see updates for Shopkins Season 4

Currently, the only store you can buy Season 3 is at Toys R Us, it’s cheaper than Amazon but the supply is super limited so most of the time, it’s sold out. Also, you can only buy 1 and will have to order at least $49 worth of stuff to get free shipping. It looks like they have release a certain amount a few weeks before the release date. So if you think getting your hands on some Shopkins is difficult, try getting a very limited supply before the anticipated release date.

These sell out super fast so to even have a chance of buying these season 3 shopkins, you’ll have to constantly recheck the supply and hope that you’re the first to not only put them into your online cart but to check out and pay for them as well. Leave items in your cart for too long and they’ll be given to someone else.

Once the release date for season 3 here, more stores will carry them such as Target and Walmart. Of course, it’s still going to be quite difficult to find them since TONS of other people will be anxiously waiting to buy these Shopkins as well.

If you already have a set of Shopkins, then you probably already know how to get your hands on some. If you don’t have any and haven’t had any luck finding them the season 2 Shopkins in the stores, then here are some tips.

The surest way is to be at the stores when they open up. The problem of course is people have jobs and can’t always be there when the stores open at 8 or 9am. The other way is to call a bunch of stores in your area and see if they have any in stock and if they do, have them hold it for you so you can pick it up at guest services the same day.

If you arrive early enough, you can find something like this:

season 3 shopkins

Here’s the front of one of the 12 packs:

shopkins 12 pack

The other option, if you’re willing to pay a bit more, is to buy them on Ebay. There are folks who buy these from the stores and sell them on Ebay for a profit. From what I’ve seen, the price depends on the Shopkins character as well as what season it’s from. For Shopkins series 3, currently, a 12 pack is running at over $60! Individual Shopkins are selling at around $15! That’s crazy but since they’re so hard to get right now, it’s understandable. If you are willing to wait, you’ll save a lot of money.

As of this writing, there’s another week left before the Shopkins series 3 release date. Get ready Shopkins fans, it’s going to be a wild ride.

To help you stay on track with your collection, here’s the full list for Season three.

Shopkins Season 3 List of Names

BakeryFruit & VegHomewares
Cheese Louise
Wild Carrot
Queen of Tarts
Sweet Pea
Vicky Vac
Patty Cake
Peewee Kiwi
Frost T Fridge
Lana Banana Bread
Toastie Bread
Super Celery
Teenie TV
Candy Cookie
Asbury Raspberry
Radio Sue
Birthday Betty
Cherie Tomatoe Chatter
Wendy Wedding Cake
PeachyMobile Mary
Nilla Slice Mixie & Maxie
International FoodSweet TreatsLimited Edition
Suzie Sushi
Roxy Ring
Humpty Dumpling
Cream E Cookie
Chelsea Charm
Lammy Lamington
Macca Roon
Ticky Tock
Netti Spaghetti
Chocky Box
Croissant d'Or
Wanda Wafer
Brenda Brooch
Fiona Fries
Choc Kiss
Ruby Earring
Suzie Sundae
Taco Terrie
Candy Apple
Sausage Sizzle Ginger Fred
Casper Cap
Beverley Heels
Stella Stapler
Hattie Hat
Flappy Cap
Jennifer Rayne
Penny Pencil
Molly Moccasin
Noni Notebook
Toni Topper
Lizzy Lace-up
Erica Eraser
Sneaky Sally
Kelly Calculator
Bonnie Beret
Snug Ugg
Rita Ruler
Taylor Rayne Wilma Wedge Secret Sally

Season 3 Video

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