35 Shopkins Season 2 Blind Baskets Video



This is a Shopkins Season 2 blind baskets video where I open 35 Shopkins blind baskets. These things are soooo cute! At first, I didn’t really understand why kids were collecting these Shopkins toys. I mean, they’re basically figurines of random things like toilet paper, shoes, blenders, and food. However, after opening them and seeing the cute expressions and intricate detailing, I understood why they’re so popular.

How popular are they? According to this article on Daily Mail, this Australian toy company beat out highly popular toys like Barbie, Lego, and Disney Princess to win the 2015 Girl Toy of the Year Award.

Check out Season 4 Shopkins.

Where to Buy Shopkins

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Due to the popularity of Shopkins, it can often be pretty difficult to find them. So where can you buy Shopkins toys and merchandise?

The stores I went to were Target, Walmart, and Toys R Us. The problem was that most of the time, everything from the season 2 Shopkins 12 pack to the 5 pack to the 2 pack to the mega packs (20 pack) were all sold out. When I asked several employees at the different stores whether they had them in stock, I was told they sell out really fast.

When I first started hunting for them, I physically went to the stores myself which isn’t a good use of time. The best thing to do is to call the stores in advance and ask them if they have any Shopkins blind bags in stock and if they do, ask them to hold some for you. Just make sure they’re looking at the right toy. I had one person at a particular Target store tell me they had several left but when I got there, it turned out they were looking at the wrong toys 🙁

I eventually found and bought the baskets I open up in the Shopkins video from Target. It was one of the few that even had any in stock in my area. From what I was told, they usually have new toys come in on Thursdays so try to call on that day to see if they have any in stock in your area.

I had no luck with Walmart at all. Now you would think buying them online would be easier and it would be if they actually have them in stock. You have to constantly monitor the supply on Target’s or Walmart’s website to see when they have more in stock but even then, if you’re not quick enough, someone else will grab it. I had one in my online basket for no more than 5 minutes and by the time I got to the checkout section, it was sold out!

Those stores aren’t the only places that sell Shopkins. You can also buy them on sites like Amazon and Ebay where you won’t run into a problem of these being out of stock. The only problem is the prices are higher.

If you’re going to buy on Ebay, then it’s cheaper to get the ones that are already out of the blind baskets. Since they’re already open, they go for less, around $2 each or depending on the seller and the character. Now if you’re talking about limited edition Shopkins, then be prepared to pay up. Shopkins limited edition ones are pretty hard to find and because of that, they go for a lot of money compared to the regular ones.

The categories, or teams, of the toys are split up as follows:

  • Fruit & Veg
  • Homewares
  • Bakery
  • Pantry
  • Cleaning and Laundry
  • Sweet Treats
  • Shoes
  • Baby
  • Limited Edition
  • Exclusive

Shopkins Season 2 List

Each of these have two different colors:

BabyBakeryCleaning & Laundry
Slick Breadstick
Dishy Liquid
Ga Ga Gourmet
Mary Muffin
Squeaky Clean
Dum Mee Mee
Carrie Carrot Cake
Wendy Washer
Baby Swipes
Mary Meringue
Bree Freshner
Sloppy Sips
Pecanna Pie
Molly Mops
Baby Puff
Choco Lava
Nappy Dee
Fifi Fruit Tart
Sarah Softner
Shampoo SueDanni DanishPeta Plunger
Cupcake Chic
Fruit and VegHomewaresPantry
Chloe Flower
Toasty Pop
Fifi Flour
Sour Lemon
Brenda Blenda
Bart Beans
Juicy Orange
Coffee Drip
Fasta Pasta
Corny Cab
Saucy Pan
Olivia Oil
Garlic Rose
Ma Kettle
Boo-Hoo Onion
Zappy Microwave
All Foil
Dippy Avocado
Lisa Litter
Toffy Coffee
Silly ChilliLana Lamp
Cornell Mustard
SizzlesChris P Crackers
ShoesSweet TreatsLimited Edition
Poppy Corn
Marsha Mellow
Sneaky Sue
Minnie Mintie
Banana Splitty
Lenny Lime
Sneaky Wedge
Yummy Gum
Lee Tea
Betty Boot
Waffle Sue
Donna Donut
Wedgy Wendy
Ice-cream Dream
Angie Ankle Boot
Bun Bun Slipper
Cheery Churro
*Strawberries and Cream
Cute BootPamela Pancake*Soda


Obviously, this is season two which means season 3 Shopkins is just around the corner!

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