Tips on Finding Good Deals on Toys and Baby Products

If there’s one thing that’s true when it comes to raising kids, it’s they aren’t cheap. From essential items like diapers, clothes, and bottles to fun items like baby toys, the cost of all of these things can really add up.

To help you out, here are some tips on finding and buying toys and other baby products for a little less. Every bit of savings can help.

Plan Ahead

Many times, there are great sales on items you need for your kids but many times, the timing is just off. Perhaps you just bought those items 2 months ago and now you see them on sale. Or, you need them right now and there’s no sale going on.

The best thing is to have enough time before you must absolutely make the purchase. This way, you can shop around, track prices, and wait until a good deal comes along.

Say you’re using size 1 diapers and have plenty left. Since you won’t need the next size or box of diapers for at least a month, you’ll have time to look for savings.

Watch the ads and be on a lookout for any upcoming sales and deals. Even though you don’t need an item now, if you know you’ll eventually need it, buy it if you find a good deal.

By planning ahead, you’ll be able to take advantage of sales instead of waiting until the last minute when the things you need might not be on sale.

Know The Prices

One of the best ways to know if you’re getting a good deal on something is to know what a good deal is when you see one.

You can do this by doing some price comparisons and seeing what the price is for various items you need from different stores and websites. There’s usually an average price. Once you know these prices, when you see them on sale, you’ll know when you see a good deal and a great deal.

Sometimes, a product will go on sale but that doesn’t mean it’s a good deal. Some stores/sellers will up the price before the sale and when they mark the price down, you’ll basically be paying their regular price or something slightly lower.

A great resource to find out if the current price is a good deal is

This site only works if you use to buy stuff. This site basically tracks the price history of products sold on Amazon. It will tell you what the highest price an item was sold at as well as the lowest price since the time it began tracking that particular item.

It’ll also give you the average price. From here, you can determine whether or not the current price you see is a good deal or not. It also shows what day items were selling at those highest and lowest prices.

You can also get email alerts if the price drops below your desired price point.

This is good because often times, sellers on Amazon only have a few of a particular item in stock and since there are usually many sellers selling the same item, Amazon will usually show the seller offering the lowest price. This means that if they only have a couple of those items, the low price might not last very long.

By having the price tracked, you can get notified and grab the deal before someone else does.

Buy Used

Some baby products like clothes and feeding items might be better if bought new but other items like swingers, strollers, and various toys can be bought used in order to save you some money.

From Facebook groups to Craigslist and even Amazon, you can find all kinds of used items to avoid paying full price.

If you’re buying an expensive product like a baby swinger but you’re not sure if your baby will like it, buy it from a store that will offer you a refund.

What you can do then is to buy it at full price and see if your baby likes it. If they do, simply return the item and then find it used on Craigslist or wherever. Many baby products will be used for only a short amount of time since babies tend to grow very rapidly.

What you end up having is a bunch of parents with semi-new baby products wanting to get rid of them in order to save room. This is great for you because you can then buy these items for a deep discount. Just make sure the items are in good condition and aren’t broken.

Take Advantage of Super Sales

Some of the best deals can be found during Black Friday and Cyber week as well as most of December. If you could wait until that time frame to buy the baby products that you need, that would be best.

Even if you won’t need some particular items until later, if you see a great deal during those sales, pick them up.

Price Match

Many times, Amazon or will have a lower price on products compared to brick and mortar stores like Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby.

What both of these stores have is a price match guarantee where if you see Amazon selling it for less, they will match that price. So why not just buy it from Amazon? Well, because you have to wait for them to ship the items to you.

If you need the products right away but don’t want to pay the higher price at the store, just pull up the product page from Amazon on your phone when you get to the cashier and ask them for a price match.

Keep in mind that Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby only price match with items shipped and sold from Amazon. They won’t usually do it for 3rd party companies selling on Amazon because anyone can put a low price up there without the intention of selling so these stores want to avoid that.

Of course, not all cashiers will pay attention to that detail so even if the current price isn’t shipped and sold from Amazon, you can try anyway.

Have any other tips to save money when buying toys and baby products? Leave them down below so others can see. Thanks!

By the way, a great site that posts deals from people all over the web is slick deals. They have a kids section as well.

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