Sofia the First Playset (Royal Family & Royal Musical Coach)


This is the unboxing video of Sofia the First Royal Family and Royal Musical Coach playset.

I bought this set at Walmart but you can also get it online. I’ve seen a bunch of episodes of Sofia the First online and fell in love with the character and show. Sofia is basically a princess but wasn’t born into royalty. She grew up in a village but one day her mom married the king so she moved into the castle and became a princess. She also got a step sister and a step brother.

Most of the episodes focus on some sort of lesson such as being humble instead of boastful. In some of the episodes, princesses from other Disney movies such as Bella from Beauty and the Beast will show up and help Sofia out.

Sofia is voiced by Ariel Winter who plays Alex Dunphy on the hit show, Modern Family. Some of you may also recognize Wayne Brady who voices Clover and Tim Gunn from Project Runway voicing Baileywick.

The playset itself is pretty cool and somewhat easy to put together. Taking out the coach was a bit difficult since it was basically tied to the box. It also makes a sound when you start rolling it which you can hear in the video. The detailing of the figures are pretty good.

One issue was with Princess Amber. The way she was made makes it impossible to get her to stand which you can see in the video. There seems to be too much weight focused on the back portion so when trying to stand her up, she keeps falling back. So you’ll have to lean her up against something or perhaps use some tape to get her to stand. It just seems like such an easy thing to see so I wonder if I just happened to get a defect.

If your kids are Sofia the 1st fans and like collecting her toys, then I recommend getting this playset despite the issue with Amber. The royal coach along with the horse with wings looks adorable.

If you want to save some money, make sure you do some price comparison from the major retailers. At the time I bought it, Walmart had the cheapest price but definitely check out Target, Amazon, and Toys R Us as well.

For those looking to buy this for their kids or for someone’s birthday present, if the birthday kid likes watching the show, they’ll like this playset.

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