Sofia the First (Portable Classroom Playset) Unboxing


Here’s a video where I unbox the Sofia the First portable playset.

As you can see, the playset is in the shape of a lunchbox. It comes with several things such as a bookcase, a globe, a portable swimming pool, and a writing desk with a chair. The details of the different things are pretty neat such as the feather on the pen. Sofia comes in a purple dress wearing a cute backpack.

The bookcase can be turned around, as you can see in the video, which allows you to put some of the other objects inside for decoration. On the left side is a locker/closet compartment to store some of the items. I guess you can use it as a lunchbox as well but due to the way it’s designed, it’d be better to get an actual lunchbox. Opening and closing this box a lot of times probably isn’t a good idea due to the way it’s made. It’s not nearly as sturdy as an actual lunch box so just use it as it was intended to be used.

I bought this set at Walmart which had a sale at the time. Overall this classroom playset was decent. I enjoyed the Royal Musical Coach set a lot more due to more characters and the coach itself. But if you or your kids like Sofia, then it’s a must have to add to the collection.

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